they / he / she.
cancer :: july 12th.
bisexual & bigender.
enfp & 4w3.

i've been on the internet for a really long time. i was pretty much raised on geocities anime character shrines and forums. my first experience with the world wide web was playing some flash games on nickelodeon's old website, but i started searching up stuff about final fantasy vii and sailor moon shortly after. i learned to read and write quickly and ended up spending a lot of time on, too. from there, i was making my own sites: character shrines, ramblings, and fanfic pages. none of them were very good, but i had a lot of fun with it.

now that i'm in my late-twenties, i'm still online, making friends and thinking about making art. in 2018, i re-played undertale while sick with the flu. i was bed-ridden for days, and something about it really stuck with me that time. it kickstarted a fever-studded craving for more indie titles. i picked up night in the woods, too, and smaller titles like sagebrush. yume nikki -dream diary- was a blast while fighting for consciousness. something about that experience stuck with me, and i've been knee-deep in reading about game development and the technicalities of video games since then.

so, this is my little internet-hole. it was made for me. i plan to use this to dump my writing: sometimes it's original, maybe it'll be my thoughts on games, or maybe i'll embarrass us all and archive my fanfiction here, too.

i write a lot of character study stuff, but i have a wonderfully long standing relationship with horror. i love horror movies, and games and books are my go-to. i love ghost stories and have since checking "scary stories to tell in the dark" out of my elementary school library when i was about eleven. as such, i love writing about ghouls, magic, and witches. demonology is something i come back to time and time again. i was the weird kid growing up, i knew a lot of bizarre facts no one else around me did at that time in my life, and i loved talking about the ghosts i was reading about. i love stories about the misunderstood, the underdogs, people forcibly trying to become the good person they've always wanted to be, and all the misfits in between.

i've been working on a supernatural fiction story about a detective named lockheed finch who is trying to find his mom. i'd love to turn it into a Weird Internet Art Piece at some point.

a lot of things inspire me. art, media, shadows— but nothing really inspires me like my partner! we've been together since 2019. his passion for art, creating it and learning about it makes me want to do it, too. so, here i am! it's nice to meet you.